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Organization for Learning

Vernon Barford employs a Day 1, Day 2 timetable schedule (see sample below) and the school year is divided into three trimesters.  The timetable allows students to have extra time in core classes each day (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies).  Students also have access to physical education and three complementary / option classes during each rotation.  We encourage our students to try different options as they continue to learn about their individual gifts and talents.

Another advantage of our Day 1, Day 2 schedule is that it allows student timetables to be prepared individually (i.e. students each have a unique timetable) rather than moving in class groups.  This helps student meet and interact with more teachers and other students while also preparing them for high school.

The school day begins at 8:35 am each day while the end time is 3:22 pm.  To support reading as well as provide enrichment and/or extra time and support, the last 35 minutes (2:47 pm to 3:22 pm) of each day are devoted to LEAP (Literary/Learning, Enrichment, Application, Practice).  During LEAP, students can attend / be required to attend LEAP for extra time and support, enrichment, or mentoring.  If students are attending LEAP that is always the first priority.  That having been said, some students may not have LEAP every day, so in these instances they are welcome to go to the library to read, attend the supervised homework room, connect with an individual teacher, or leave the school and head home.


DAY 1 & DAY 2

Mondays through Fridays


Warning Bell

8:35 to 8:38

Late Bell / Announcements

8:38 to 9:30

Period 1

9:33 to 10:25

Period 2

10:25 to 10:33

Nutrition Break

10:33 to 11:25

Period 3

11:28 to 12:20

Period 4

12:20 to 12:56



Warning Bell

1:00 to 1:52

Period 5

1:55 to 2:47

Period 6

2:47 to 3:22


(Literary, Learning, Enrichment, Application, Practice)