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For students currently enrolled at Edmonton Public Schools:

Between March 12 and April 16, 2018, parents of students currently attending District schools can select their child’s preferred school for 2018-2019 by signing in to their parent SchoolZone account.  You can even use the mobile version of SchoolZone to complete the process directly from your Smartphone!


For students who are NEW to Edmonton Public Schools:

A registration form can be downloaded from the Edmonton Public Schools website (www.epsb.ca), or obtained from the school office.  It needs to be returned to the Vernon Barford School office between February 1, 2018 at 9:00 am and April 16, 2018 at 4:00 pm.

Students are guaranteed acceptance if they reside in our attendance area or have siblings who will continue to be enrolled at Vernon Barford for the 2018-19 school year.

Parents will need to bring in the following supporting documentation to verify student identity and that their residence is in our catchment area:

  • Student’s Canadian Birth Certificate (or proof of eligibility to attend school in Canada, for example, Canadian Passport/PR Card/Citizenship Card or Certificate WITH Non-Canadian Birth Certificate if the student was born outside Canada) , AND
  • Minimum of three documents from the following list for proof of residence address:
    • Parent’s Driver’s License
    • Utility Bills for the residence
    • Other Bills or Bank Statements
    • Rental Agreement / Mortgage document
    • Please note that the above documents all need to show parent(s) name and consistent mailing/service address within the school attendance boundary.

Registration deadline is Monday, April 16, 2018 at 4:00 pm.


Please check our current Boundary Map to see if you reside in our boundary. 


Enrollment Limits:

Please be aware that Vernon Barford is an enrollment limit school.  We will accommodate all students who live in our attendance boundaries and select Vernon Barford prior to the registration deadline.  While each year we also accept students from outside our boundaries we have an enrollment cap in all of our programs that cannot be exceeded.  For example, we can only accept 60 academic challenge students in grade 7 each year and do not typically accept academic challenge students at the grade 8 or 9 level as students who join us in grade 7 remain with us through the end of grade 9 so the program is already full.  Also note that both the academic challenge program and the literacy program are special needs programs and as such students need to be coded by their current school if they wish to be considered for entrance to one of these programs.  Should we receive more applications for a program than we can accept we will employ a random selection process in accordance with EPSB guidelines.  Also note that no way exists to predict if we will need to employ a random selection process as our school five year data shows no trend in any program.