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Clubs & Activities

At Vernon Barford School, we believe the educational process involves the growth and development of the whole child.  While we work diligently to ensure high levels of academic learning we also want all of our students to be true BLUES.  Specifically we hope that each of our students develop the habits of being Big Hearted, Leaders, United, Engaged, and Successful.  To help students develop skills in these areas we offer a comprehensive program of curricular and extra-curricular activities including:

BLAST (Barford Leadership and Service Team)

The mission of BLAST is to provide ongoing support and leadership to the entire school population by:

  • encouraging leadership through service to our students, our school and our community;
  • encouraging and creating enthusiasm for school activities; and
  • being a contributing voice in our school.


While our offerings change over time based on student interest, a sampling of some of the activities, teams and clubs we offered last year are included below.  Numerous ethical citizenship opportunities include involvement in Terry Fox Run, Geomeer food fundraising, Food Bank fundraising, unclaimed Lost and Found donation to charity, etc.  Other opportunities include:

  • Citadel Club
  • Craft Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Drama Club
  • Improv Team
  • Jazz Bands
  • Math Contest Club
  • Nerf Club
  • Science Olympics Club
  • Ski & Snowboard Club
  • Soup Club
  • Speech & Debate Club
  • World Cup Soccer Tournament
  • Year Book Club
  • Trips - this year our students have the opportunity to participate in a Beijing & Hong Kong, China trip.