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Regular 7-9

At Vernon Barford, we offer the full complement of core subjects approved and required by Alberta Education.  Students take English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health, and a second language (Spanish or French).

Vernon Barford students consistently score amongst the highest in Alberta and in EPSB in the core academic classes of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  We are unique in that all students receive individualized timetables and do not travel with the same learning group all day (we await confirmation from the Government if this will be possible due to COVID restrictions).  In addition to providing evidence of learning (projects, assignments, tests, etc.) we also provide an indication of each student's level of learning with regard to curricular outcomes.  In essence, rather than only providing a single indicator, we provide a learner profile that highlights celebration and growth areas in each curricular area.  Finally, we see learning as a journey and as such students can gain and show higher levels of learning in all outcomes over the course of the year.


Complementary Courses

Complementary courses at Vernon Barford for next year will occur in quarterly format.  Each grade will have a variety of options that they will sample over the course of the year (8 option classes in total).  Examples of courses typically offered include:

French as a Second Language (full year)

Spanish as a Second Language (full year)

Fine Arts (Art, Drama/ Film Studies, Music)

Life skills (Financial literacy, etc)

Career and Technology Foundations (Construction, Fashions and Foods)